Metal strips

Often you want a magnet to stick to something. Usually it's another magnet or some metal. In this category, it's metal tape. Metal strips are flexible and can often be easily cut to the desired length and shape. Use the metal strips as a counterpart to a magnet, but be aware that because metal strips are thin, a magnet cannot be expected to perform 100% as there is not enough metal for the magnet to stick to. Therefore, consider choosing a slightly stronger magnet than you think you need for use with metal tape. You can also consider using metal plates (see link below), which are thicker and therefore work really well with magnets. If metal plates are not an option, metal tape is also a very sensible choice and a very popular product.

In addition to acting as a counterpart to magnets, the metal tape can also be used for, for example, shelf labels and other types of labels, as the tape can be written on in ink.

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