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Many of the magnets you find on the webshop can be used as whiteboard magnets, but here we have gathered the magnets that we think work well as whiteboard magnets. Therefore, we have tested all board magnets to see how many pieces of A4 paper they can hold up on a regular whiteboard. That's why on each product page you'll see something called "Whiteboard strength" followed by a number. The number tells you how many pieces of A4 paper the whiteboard magnet in question can hold before the paper slides down the whiteboard.
Please note that the board magnets in this category are intended for use on whiteboards, fridges and the like. If you need board magnets for glass boards, the magnets need to be more powerful. You can find such magnets in the link below called Magnets for Glass Whiteboards.

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  1. Steely Mini Magnets

    Steely Mini Magnets

    Strength: 0.80 kg Pack contains 10 magnets
    As low as EUR 9.43
  2. Neodymium All-Around (8 pieces)

    Neodymium All-Around (8 pieces)

    Strength: 0.73 kg
    As low as EUR 13.81
  3. Pawn magnets, 10 pcs

    Pawn magnets for whiteboard (10 per pack)

    Strength: 1.60 kg
    As low as EUR 13.86
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Magnets for whiteboards

Many different magnets can be used as magnets for whiteboards and notice boards. We have therefore tried to gather magnets from other categories together with dedicated whiteboard magnets in this category. Therefore, you'll find a selection of magnets ranging from nicely designed board magnets to magnets that are more practical in design.

What does whiteboard magnet, bulletin board magnet, chalkboard magnet mean for my choice of magnet?

The short and precise answer is that it doesn't matter if you're buying magnets for a whiteboard, bulletin board or magnet board. These are names that cover more or less identical boards. What matters most is what you need to hold on the board. If you're holding a lot of papers, you'll need stronger magnets than if you're just holding a single paper. Also, consider whether the board is in a place where the wind blows. For example, in a hallway or near a door. If so, you may want to consider slightly stronger magnets to make sure the papers don't blow down.

Small board magnets or large board magnets?

Whether board magnets should be large or small depends on a few things. Firstly, large board magnets are typically more powerful than small board magnets. Secondly, large board magnets can be easier to grip with your fingers. This is an advantage if the magnets need to be taken off the board or moved around frequently. Small magnets can also be surprisingly strong. However, the high strength and small size can make it a bit of a hassle if the magnet needs to be moved around often. On the other hand, small magnets for notice boards are discreet and less conspicuous.

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