Countersunk ferrite pot magnets

These pot magnets are fitted with a ferrite magnet. Ferrite magnets are much weaker than neodymium magnets, but they are cheaper and can be used outdoors and in damp environments if you don't mind the steel pot rusting.
Countersunk pot magnets are easy to mount on a wall or surface using a countersunk screw. Some applications for countersunk ferrite pot magnets are:

  • Magnetic door hangers
  • Magnetic furniture assembly
  • Organising tools on a tool board
  • Hanging ceiling panels for art exhibitions
Countersunk ferrite pot magnets have a very strong magnetic pull due to their steel pot/cap. But be aware that the strength is calculated for a direct pull. If the pot magnet is placed on a vertical surface (e.g. a whiteboard), the pot magnet will hold 10-15% of its rated strength before it slips or falls off. You should therefore consider whether the pot magnet needs to hold something vertically or horizontally and choose the magnetic strength accordingly.

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