Eyelet magnets

Eyelet magnets are identical to hook magnets except that an eyelet is closed and a hook is open. An eyelet can be an advantage when you want to ensure that a cord, rope or string does not fall off the eyelet/hook.

Eyelet magnets have a very strong magnetic pull due to their steel pot/cap. But be aware that the strength is calculated for a direct pull. If the eyelet magnet is placed on a vertical surface (e.g. a whiteboard), the eyelet magnet will hold 10-15% of its rated strength before slipping or falling off. You should therefore consider whether the eyelet magnet needs to hold something vertically or horizontally and choose the magnetic strength accordingly. To prevent the eyelet magnet from slipping you can increase the friction by using a rubber cap or silicone washer. A link to these can be found below.

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