Fridge Magnets

Most magnets are used as fridge magnets, but we've tried to select the ones we think work best. These are often decorative and fun magnets or fridge magnets with photos. You're unlikely to find a wider selection of cheap fridge magnets anywhere else.
For each magnet, we have tested how many pieces of A4 paper the fridge magnet can hold without slipping. This information can be found on the product pages and is called "Whiteboard strength". This makes it easier for you to find a fridge magnet that is strong enough for your needs.
Because most magnets can work as fridge magnets, you may want to take a look at some of the other categories. We have listed the magnet categories below that we think might be relevant to you, such as fridge magnets with hooks and many other powerful fridge magnets.

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  1. Magnetic blue whale

    Magnetic blue whale

    Made from recycled fishing nets
    EUR  8.13
  2. Save Turtle Magnet - Grey

    Save Turtle Magnet - Grey

    Use as a paper clip holder or key holder
    Made from recycled plastic bags
    EUR  8.94
  3. Sea Crab Magnet

    Sea Crab Magnet

    Made from recycled fishing nets
    EUR  7.31
  4. Qualy Sea Star Magnet

    Sea Star Magnet

    Made from recycled fishing nets
    EUR  7.31
  5. Magnetic turtle

    Magnetic turtle

    Made from recycled fishing nets
    EUR  7.31
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Refrigerator magnets

Many fridge magnets are a bit boring and may not stick to your fridge very well. Not so with our fridge magnets. They can be strong, weak, funny, boring, colorful or whatever you want. You can also look in the other categories such as Board Magnets and see if you can find magnets there that could be used on your fridge.

Inexpensive fridge magnets

Our fridge magnets are priced so that there is something for everyone. The prices of fridge magnets often depend on how many magnets are in the package or how complex the magnet is. Some fridge magnets are very simple and therefore don't cost much, while others, such as magnetic frames or magnetic clamps, cost a little more. For all fridge magnets, we have tried to price them so that we can offer cheap fridge magnets to all customers.

Fun magnets for your fridge

Fridge magnets come in many designs. Some people want simple and functional magnets, while others want fun fridge magnets. If you're looking for fun fridge magnets, you can browse through the fridge magnet category. There you'll find magnetic smileys, magnetic legos, pets, royal crowns, magnetic superheroes and many others. There's sure to be some that you think would be fun to have on your fridge.

Organizing your fridge

The fridge is often a hive of papers and pictures, and soon it's impossible to find anything. Luckily, there are solutions to this, as magnets can be great for organizing. For example, you can use number magnets to organize papers into groups. Day of the week magnets so you know what needs to be done each day, magnetic clamps to hold several papers at once or how about magnetic photo frames for pictures of family and friends. Visit the article on organizing fridge storage by clicking here .

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