Hook Magnets

A hook magnet is your "mobile hook" and can be used on all magnetic surfaces such as fridges, radiators, whiteboards and more. Some uses for hook magnets are:

  • Hanging pots, pans and other kitchen utensils on cupboards and walls
  • Organise tools on a tool board
  • Hanging a tea towel
  • Hanging ceiling panels for e.g. art exhibitions
Hook magnets have a very strong magnetic pull due to their steel pot/cap. However, note that the strength is calculated for a direct pull. If the hook magnet is placed on a vertical surface (e.g. a whiteboard), the hook magnet will hold 10-15% of its rated strength before slipping or falling off. You should therefore consider whether the hook magnet needs to hold something vertically or horizontally and choose the magnetic strength accordingly. To prevent the hook magnet from slipping, you can increase friction by using a rubber cap or silicone washer. A link to these can be found below.

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