Magnetic pockets

Magnetic pockets make it easy to organize and visualize documents and images on magnetic surfaces such as whiteboards, storage shelves or refrigerators. The pockets are transparent plastic on the front and magnetic on the back. They are made of durable plastic that holds up to daily use and wear.

Magnetic pockets are used for many things, but magnetic pockets are especially popular for planning and project management. Examples of uses for magnetic pockets include:

  • Project management or organizing tasks on a whiteboard
  • Managing productions in industry. For example, using LEAN
  • Teaching in schools and daycare centers or communicating information between the institution and parents
  • Easy access to forms, records, documents in hospitals
  • Hanging family photos and reminders on the fridge

The examples are many and the list above is endless. If you have any questions about magnetic pockets and their use, please feel free to contact us.

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What are magnetic pockets?

Magnetic pockets can be attached to whiteboards, shelves, cabinets, fridges and any other metal surface that works with magnets. Magnetic pockets are great for knowledge sharing and visual communication. They are transparent and you can see the document inside. It's also easy to remove, add and reorganize documents when needed.

Because the magnetic pocket is magnetic, it can be easily moved if needed. These properties mean that magnetic pockets are often used in production environments where important information needs to be up to date and easily accessible. Or in office environments, schools and hospitals where collaboration and knowledge sharing is important. Last but not least, magnetic pockets are great for organizing a busy family life. A few pockets on the fridge and you've got take-away menus and school schedules under control.

Where can magnetic pockets be used?

Magnetic pockets can be used on any metallic surface that works with magnets. This includes whtieboards, most refrigerators, storage shelves and filing cabinets. They should not be used on glass boards as the magnetic nature of the pockets is not strong enough to penetrate the glass. Magnetic pockets can be used on walls painted with magnetic paint as long as sufficient layers of paint have been applied. It is important that the pockets have enough metal to "stick" to.

How should magnetic pockets be treated?

Our magnetic pockets are durable and designed to be opened and closed many times. That said, there are a few things that pockets don't tolerate very well. They don't do well in prolonged sunlight. UV light can discolor the magnetic pockets over time, turning them yellowish. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of using the pockets in shop windows. The pockets should also not come close to neodymium magnets as they will demagnetize the magnetic pockets. Therefore, don't put magnets on top of the magnetic pockets! Last but not least, avoid humid environments as this can destroy the glue that holds the magnetic backing to the transparent plastic front.

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