Magnets for glass whiteboards

A glass board is a magnetic steel whiteboard that is covered with a layer of glass. The glass makes the board look great and makes it easy to clean. Because the glass increases the distance between the surface and the metal plate behind it, glass boards require a more powerful magnet than regular whiteboards without glass. That's why we've tested our magnets and listed the magnets that we believe are strong enough to be used on a glass board. On these magnets we have written "Glass Board Strength" followed by a number () that indicates how many pieces of A4 paper the magnet can hold on a glass board without slipping.

To read more about how we tested, follow this link: How we tested

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Magnets for glass boards

Magnets for glass boards need to be a lot stronger than magnets for regular whiteboards. How strong the magnet needs to be depends on the thickness of the glass plate, the thickness of the underlying metaplate and what you want to hold on the glass board. Even if you only need to hold a single piece of paper, regular whiteboard magnets are rarely enough as they are too weak. You need real glass board magnets.

Why use magnetic glass boards?

Glass boards have a few advantages that regular whiteboards don't have. Firstly, the glass panel provides a design that many people like. The glass panel also allows you to write on the glass and clean it easily. On top of that, glass boards don't cost as much as they used to. The downside to the very cheap glass boards is that you often need some pretty strong board magnets. This is because the metal plate behind the glass is often very thin on low-cost glass boards. This is usually not a problem as long as you buy magnets specifically for glass boards and preferably the stronger glass board magnets.

Do you have questions about glass board magnets?

If you find a magnet on the webshop that you think would be exciting to use on a magnetic glass board, you are always welcome to write to us and ask us to test it. We'll get back to you and let you know how many pieces of A4 paper the magnet can hold on a glass board.

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