Pot magnets with threaded stem

Similar to other types of pot magnets, these are covered with a steel "pot/cap" that enhances the adhesive force when in direct contact with an iron surface. Furthermore, the pot magnets in this category have a threaded bolt, which makes it possible to fasten the pot magnet by using a nut. The magnets are popular for hanging things like lamps, signs and ceiling tiles.
Pot magnets have a very strong magnetic pull force due to their steel pot/cap. But be aware that the strength is calculated for a direct pull. If the pot magnet is placed on a vertical surface (e.g. a whiteboard), the pot magnet will hold 10-15% of the stated strength before it slides down or tips off. Therefore, you should check whether the pot magnet needs to hold something vertically or horizontally and choose the magnetic strength accordingly. To prevent the pot magnet from sliding down, you can increase the friction by using a rubber cap or silicone washer. You will find a link to them below.

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