Magnetic dishcloth holder

By Magnet is a brand of magnetic products from the Danish company Reenbergs, owned by mother and daughter Grethe and Line Reenberg. The magnetic products make everyday life a little easier, especially in the kitchen. There are different models of dishcloth holders that easily fit in both round and square kitchen sinks with the help of a magnet. There are also magnetic products for storing dishwashing brushes, sponges and tea towels. What they all have in common is that they are discreet, useful and very easy to install with the included magnets.

The design of By Magnet is simple, functional and made to be used. To say that By Magnet is popular is a mild understatement. Especially the By Magnet dishcloth holder is extremely popular. Therefore, it is not without reason that you will find a lot of positive user reviews of the magnetic products from By Magnet when you click on the product pages. People are simply delighted with them.

If you have any questions about By Magnet, you are always welcome to contact us. As written, we've sold many magnetic dishcloth holders over the years, so we're the closest thing you'll get to expert advice.

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  1. Magnetic Steel Cloth Rail w. Counter Magnets

    By Magnet magnetic dishcloth holder for the sink, steel

    • Also works with granite or corian kitchen sinks
    As low as EUR  27.30
  2. Magnetic Flexible Cloth Rail w. counter magnets

    Magnetic Flexible Cloth Rail w. counter magnets

    • Choose from a range of colours
    • Compatible with granite or Corian kitchen sinks
    As low as EUR  19.38
  3. Reenbergs Magnetic Hook Set, 3 pcs

    Bymagnet Magnetic Hooks Set (3 pieces)

    Choose between multiple colors
    As low as EUR  16.78
  4. Magnetic holder for brush or sponge

    ByMagnet magnetic holder for brush or sponge

    Choose between multiple colors
    As low as EUR  18.85
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Do magnetic dishcloth holders work?

Yes, they work. We have sold around 3000 magnetic dishcloth holders and very, very few have been dissatisfied. We also use them in our own home and we are happy to no longer have a wet cloth lying in the sink or hanging on the tap.

A counter magnet has been lost. What do I do?

If you already have a magnetic dishcloth holder and one of the counter magnets is lost or broken, you can buy a new set. This applies to both counter magnets for regular steel sinks and the more powerful counter magnets for Corian and granite sinks. If you have ordered a dishcloth holder with regular counter magnets, but you actually need a stronger counter magnet, you can safely buy them and use them for the magnetic dishcloth holder you have already purchased.

Do magnetic dishcloth holders work for all sinks?

They work with 99% of all sinks. If your sink is a regular steel sink, select "Normal (Stainless Steel)" on the product page. If your sink is a different material such as Corian or granite, choose the version with stronger counter magnets. Quite rarely, someone has a sink that is so thick that it won't work with a magnetic dishcloth holder. If this is the case, please contact us to return the dishcloth holder for a full refund.

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