Screw-on magnets

Screw-on magnets have countersunk holes so they can be easily screwed into place. This makes them suitable for use as closing mechanisms for doors, cupboards or gates, for example. The magnets are only a few millimetres high, so they can be lowered slightly into the material to create a completely flat surface and protect them from bumps and knocks.
If you want to use the magnets as a locking mechanism, you can use a metal base as a counterpart to the magnet. You can find the metal bases below by clicking on Screw-on metal bases.
Be aware that, as with all neodymium magnets, they can break on hard impacts. Think about the application and what you can do to protect the magnet. This could include countersinking the magnet to protect it and not over tightening the screws when screwing it in.

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