Sphere Magnets

Like all other magnets sphere magnets have a South pole and North pole located on each opposite side of the magnet. Sphere magnets are available in different sizes. The largest currently has a diameter of 30 mm and a strength of 13 kg.

Unlike most other magnets, sphere magnets have a chromium coating instead of nickel. Chromium is necessary as the spherical shape means a large pressure can be exerted to a small area of the surface when attached to for example a metal plate and damage the magnet. Chromium is more durable than nickel in these situations and therefore offers a better protection. Despite the chromium coating you have to be careful. Violent blows and crashes with other magnets WILL damage the sphere magnet despite of the chromium coating.

Sphere magnets are typical bought for both play and practical purposes. Combining sphere magnets with rod magnets and you can spend hours building all kinds of creative structures. Please note that sphere magnets are not meant to be used by small children. If the magnets are swallowed they can seriously damage the body's organs.
For more practical purposes sphere magnets can be used as connectors between for example toy train wagons

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  1. Sphere magnet Ø 6 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 6 mm

    Strength: 0.50 kg
    Special Price € 0.36 Regular Price € 0.73
  2. Sphere magnet Ø 8 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 8 mm

    Strength: 0.90 kg
    Special Price € 0.61 Regular Price € 1.23
  3. Sphere magnet Ø 10 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 10 mm

    Strength: 1.50 kg
    Special Price € 0.76 Regular Price € 1.54
  4. Sphere magnet Ø 13 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 13 mm

    Strength: 2.90 kg
    Special Price € 1.28 Regular Price € 2.54
  5. Sphere magnet Ø 19 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 19 mm

    Strength: 5.60 kg
    Special Price € 3.05 Regular Price € 6.09
  6. Sphere magnet Ø 26 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 26 mm

    Strength: 10.00 kg
    Special Price € 7.40 Regular Price € 14.79
  7. Sphere magnet Ø 30 mm

    Sphere magnet Ø 30 mm

    Strength: 13.00 kg
    Special Price € 10.15 Regular Price € 20.29
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